8 Week Mindfulness Training Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR)

A practical course to help cope with & flourish in everyday life ~ Now available online. Please contact me for information.

Introductory Session

Venue to be confirmed with course details.

Weekly Classes

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Day Retreat

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The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme was first introduced by Jon Kabat
Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, whilst treating patients with anxiety, stress and chronic health conditions. Since then, many research studies have taken place in the U.K. involving the Psychology departments at Oxford, Bangor and Exeter Universities. There is now a growing body of clinical evidence that shows regular mindfulness meditation can significantly improve and maintain good mental health; allowing us to build resilience to cope with and to flourish in everyday life.

“Really enjoyed the training overall. I think it has provided a strategy for dealing with stress/anxiety, over-work etc. I hope to improve work-life balance.”
“Excellent. It has made me far more aware that one can alter thinking patterns, attitudes and ways of dealing with issues.”
“I have found the course very useful and practical. The best bits for me were noticing feelings arising, identifying stress responses – using new ways to approach things at home and work.”

Course details
The curriculum is secular & suitable for all – involving a range of simple techniques that can be incorporated into daily life to help enhance general wellbeing, cope with stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. A form of mental training, Mindfulness has been proven to enhance concentration, memory, creativity & reaction times. It also allows us to appreciate the positive aspects of life more fully. No previous experience of meditation is required.

A small group of us will meet weekly to learn and practise together. There will be a combination of meditation (through seated, lying, moving practices), discussion and other reflective activities. These activities are supported by set home practice, weekly tasks and keeping a journal. Daily home practice of between 3 – 40 minutes forms an important part of the course and helps to build mental fitness.

Course fee and registration
The course fee of £250 includes 8 weekly 2 hour sessions, plus an introductory/taster session, a retreat day, learning resources, access to audio recordings and refreshments. It is necessary to have attended an Introductory session and to have completed a registration questionnaire before joining the course. This will help decide whether the eight-week training course is suitable for you.

If you are unable to attend this session, please contact me to arrange an alternative date to meet.

To secure your space, a non-refundable £50 deposit is payable on registration and the balance of £200 is payable 4 weeks before the start of the course.

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